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councilors attending to calls on the Child Helpline in Zimbabwe

14 559 cases of abuse reported in 2017

A total of 14 559 cases of abuse were reported last year, the Zimbabwe Child Helpline community has revealed.

Clemence Wega, the finance director for Childline  Zimbabwe revealed these statistics in a press conference that was held today in preparation of the International Child Helpline Day on the 17th of May 2018.

The organisation also revealed that out of the 14 559 case reports,  26 % relates to sexual violence, 21% physical violence, 18% neglect, 7 % child marriage , 7% emotional abuse and the remaining  21% relates to multiple concerns including child pregnancy, child labour and child custody.

During the press conference, Wega also highlighted that there were trying by all means possible to make sure every child has access to report abuse to the Child Helpline.

Communications Director for Childline Zimbabwe, Delphine Jena mentioned that some of these cases need concrete evidence, she urged parents and guardians to report cases whilst there is still traceable evidence especially issues on sexual abuse.

The International Child Helpline Day will be held on the 18th of May in Masvingo at the Civic Centre and Mr Thuso Mapala the director in the department of Labour and Social Welfare will be the guest of honour.

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