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AFCON is here.

The Total AFCON will be held today in Cairo, with small reminders about some teams which are interesting from 6 groups of the competition coming from June 21st to July 19th.

The 2019 AFCON draw is coming soon which will be held in Egypt. The groups are being drawn in Cairo today with various teams from various countries.There are five things to be noted from the qualifying rounds on the Total AFCON.

Firstly, Burundi, Mauritania and Madagascar will complete in their ever Total AFCON. Secondly, with 15 goals, Egypt led by Javier Aguirre and Mohamed Salah has been the best offensive line so far.

Thirdly, Nigerian Odion Ighalo, best scorer from the qualifying round with 7 goals, declined to sign for FC BARCELONA this winter will also be there. A hero , Souheil Chemili, the Tunisian National Team Doctor who saved a Nigerian defender’s life who collapsed on the pitch during Tunisia-Niger will be there as he showed that he is a hero.

The Tanzanian government has rewarded each Tanzanian player with a plot of land for their second qualification for the Total AFCON as a gift hence the competition will be tough.

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