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Banana Chocolate king, popular household pet snake

Alas, the snake on ATM buzz was “phony”.

The last couple of days have been hectic on social media with many people alleging a woman with ‘muti’ charms had been caught on an ATM along Angwa street in Harare. fascinating with story was that no one could come up with close up photos of either the woman nor the distinct location coordinates of the incident except the picture of the poor serpent on the money spitter and a grainy mobbed SUV in the middle of a road.

The convenience store in a village town of Gillingham, UK

The convenience store in a village town of Gillingham, UK

We can reveal that the picture used to substantiate the claim was from an incident occurred on 7th August 2014 in Gillingham, UK at a village convenience store.

It is believed the snake may have been a home pet that either was thrown away or escaped and found warm shelter by the Cash-machine.

A California Banana Chocolate king specie, the snake is neither temperamental nor venomous, making it a familiar pet in most home that are fond of the slithering cold blooded creatures.

“I wouldn’t be surprised a snake turns up at a cash machine, the computer inside the machine chimes a sound familiar with that common in the serpent communication and its easy warm comfort should the animal finds its way round”, an unnamed animal expert in UK said.

In Zimbabwe, many affluent individuals have for years easily mistaken as practicing black magic when scores of snakes get discovered from their vehicles and homes. It could be a chance the snakes are merely caught in wrong places at wrong times while seeking warmth in environments where their habitations are being permanently invaded to extinction.

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