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Albert Nyathi releases “my daughter”video

Poet and songwriter Albert Nyathi has released a music video for the song “my daughter” today.

The song features  artists which include Dereck Mpofu, Daniel Low-Beer, as well as his wife Carol and son Xolisani. His fellow artist and colleague  Dereck Mpofu,  said the song is a fathers’ advice to her daughter on challenges that are faced by teenagers when growing up like puberty and relationships among others.

Albert wrote the song when his daughter who is now in her early 30’s was 15 years old. He wrote it for her in particular. He was just trying to protect her through singing. He was simply creating a dialogue since it is very difficult for fathers to discuss issues of sexuality with their daughters”, said Mpofu.

He also mentioned that, art is a very powerful weapon when it comes to dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS issues.


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