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Another Blow For Mutsvangwa

It never rains but pours for Presidential Advisor, Chris Mutsvangwa who has been slapped with a vote of no confidence.

A meeting of war veterans held last night in Chinhoyi concluded that he be withdrawn from his leadership position.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association leadership met late Wednesday and declared saying,

“We hereby withdraw him (Mutsvangwa) from the National Executive of ZNLWVA.”

They accuse Mutsvangwa of being self centered and turning to them when things go sour for him.

The meeting also expressed concerns on National Commissar Gen Engelbert Rugeje who is accused of failing to conduct party primaries properly.

These concerns emanates from the recently held ZANU PF primaries where the party’s supporters are crying out for a re-run in most parts of the country.

Last week, Zanu Pf’s supreme decision making unit, the politburo ordered a re-run of some of the party’s primary elections following a dispute of the results by losing candidates and voters.

After noting some irregularities during the recently held internal polls, the Zanu PF Politburo ordered re-runs in 13 national assembly and three senatorial constituencies.

Chegutu, Zvimba, Harare and Norton where Mutsvangwa refused to accept the loss are some of the areas with constituencies that are up for the election re-run.

According to an anonymous source, ZimOnline News is aware that there are also other constituencies where voters are still crying out for re-runs of the primary elections and vow to take their grievances further if they are ignored.

Voters claim that they have been ‘cheated’ since some of those who have won the elections are described as ‘weaker’ candidates who might not stand against the opposition parties.

Some voters claim that their preferred candidates whose names were not on the first list of the aspiring candidates but were considered after they made an appeal were not included on the ballot papers.

In some constituencies it was reported that the names that were omitted on the printed ballot papers were handwritten.

It is further alleged that not everyone who registered to vote managed to cast his ballot paper in the box.

Such complains also emanates from Mberengwa South where it was reported that almost 37 000 people registered to vote but only 6 000 managed to take part in the voting process.


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