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Another Harare ZRP detail ‘suicide’ by service rifle

Story by Patience Maforo & Sharon Dewhe

Female police constable stationed at Southlea Park, allegedly committed suicide while at her workplace on the 11th of September.

Constable Joyce Mutasa was on day shift supposedly to knock off duty at 2000hours. It is alleged that the now deceased was deployed at the main gate and booked an FN rifle which she was supposed to use during her guard duties.

At around 1900hrs eye witnesses who were in the charge office heard a gunshot sound from outside , at the same time another eye witness  had gone  to fetch the  now deceased to go  home together since they were about to knock off duty.

She added that when she reached to the late constable Mutasas’ car, she called her but there was no response, the eye witness then opened the passenger’s door and found the now deceased sitting on the driver’s seat facing down with blood stains on her riot trousers.

Mutasa’s colleague went back quickly to the charge office and advised others who then proceeded to the car to investigate. A police report was then made at Southlea Park Police station and the deceased was ferried to the mortuary.

Cases of police officers committing suicide on duty, has become a cause of concern.With reference to a previous case, “ZRP officer commits suicide on duty (January 4, 2017)”.


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