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Anti-exam movement pays off

There was an anti-exam mob today at the Ministry of primary and secondary education in Harare today.

The mob was protesting against the decision for students to rewrite the English paper 2 that had been scheduled for the 16th of February.

One of the protestors whose details will not be disclosed said “the ministry should have given time for students to prepare rather than giving them a week to revise”

In an interview with ZimOnline News one of the students who was on the site said that “it’s not fair because I am suffering but did not cheat, this is not just but an unfair practise”

The angry masses were dismissed after hearing the ruling by the court that was passed today.

From the ruling that has been made by the court there won’t be any exam on Friday.

In an interview with ZimOnline News one of the parents  said “it’s was going to be another time consuming process if they had  let this students to rewrite this exam and this was going  to delay even the commencing of Advanced level this year.”

The court presiding the issue has given its verdict that grading will be taken only from the paper 1.

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