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ZANU PF flexes muscle in Harare

Once again Harare was brought to a near stand-still on Wednesday as ZANU PF supporters from across the country marched through the streets of the city at a short notice call by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association. Thousands of men and women dressed in their party regalia gathered at several points on the outskirts of Harare and the ...

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Zimbabweans in fear of a repeat of 2008 economy

The year 2008 will go down in history as the worst year for Zimbabwe ‘s economy as it climaxed the spiraling inflation rates whose magnitudes were probably unmatched anywhere else in the world . The Zimbabwe Dollar had lost its bearings and made no monetary sense as it incessantly lost value by the hour against major currencies. This culminated in ...

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Election fever : managing discussions and debates

Yesterday I was audience to a spontaneous political debate between three professional gentlemen and as their discussion progressed I could sense  its rapid deterioration into something they never intended it to be . It was only after they returned to the core business and purpose of their congregating that tempers began to subside much to my relief let alone amusement ...

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Young  women from all walks of life and across the political divide who include members of parliament and activists have begun to set the pace and rhythm towards the upcoming 2018 general elections by defying their marginalisation and exclusion demanding space  on the political theatre . At a symposium organised by Women for  Women  dubbed “shevote2018” held in Harare yesterday ...

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