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Biti speaks on Zimbabwe current economic situation

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti said the crisis in Zimbabwe is political which emanated from the Military Coup of November 2017 and the July 2018 elections.

In an interview with Nehanda TV, Biti said the economic crisis in Zimbabwe is worsening and it can only be resolved by a genuine political dialogue between President Nelson Chamisa of MDC party and President Emmerson Mnangagwa of ZanuPF party to discuss the issues of legitimacy.

“There is a crisis but its political, so we need to resolve political crisis before we move on to the other issues so, there has to be dialogue to discuss the issue of legitimacy, there has to be dialogue to discuss the requisite structural political, social and economic reforms that are required .If we resolve the political dispute in Zimbabwe we have resolved 60% of the problem. So yes there is a crisis and pending implosion which can come either in the form of a hungry overwhelmed youth that are unemployed,70%of our people are youth below the age of 35 years that are unemployed ,79% of are living below the poverty of bottom line surviving on less than US 35cents per day, they will go on the street, and my fears is that the army will overreact and they will be shot,” Biti said

Biti was once a Finance Minister in 2009, He is now a Vice President of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

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