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Tsvangirai’s unacademic economic guesses inept

Gwinyai Mutongi MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, was once described by one political observer as someone who often opens his mouth while his mind is tightly shut. To his supporters, this sounded rather like a harsh and unwarranted assessment yet, interestingly, Tsvangirai continues to expose himself in similar fashion as someone who has a narrow appreciation of important national issues. When ...

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Radio founding presenter DJ Waraz returns

Blessing Waraz Phiri, affectionately known for his catch phrase “Waranyu” has laced up his boots again after a near 6year sabbatical to focus on his studies. Waraz who also worked with other pioneering Zimbabwean online radios like Afro-Zim and ZimNET is one of ZimOnline Radio’s key founding presenters with other notable names including DJ Fresh Prince who also returned a ...

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World Bank Corruption”Black-listed” Chinese company gloats Zimbabwe Highway

The company that won a lucrative $2 billion contract for the construction of Zimbabwe’s most important highway is under a World Bank ban for tender rigging and fraud. Zimbabwe recently named Chinese firm China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) as the main contractor of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway dualisation project. An Austrian firm based in China, Geiger International, was named as ...

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Fighting Corruption must be a combined effort

Story by Mukachana Hanyani Zimbabweans have been made to believe that the scourge of sanctions imposed in the country by the western countries more than a decade ago were behind the demise of the Zimbabwean economy yet corruption was silently abetting them. Corruption which was hitherto not talked about with only bigwigs in government talking about sanctions as behind causing ...

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Decentralization of justice delivery system commendable

Story by Rufaro Mufundirwa The opening of a permanent High Court in Zimbabwe’s oldest city of Masvingo by the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) is a long overdue move, which is nevertheless creditable. The High Court was opened last week, making it the first post-independence superior court in Zimbabwe. The last time such a court was opened was in 1894, 122 ...

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Inept state: Public pay the price of incompetence

Rufaro Mufundirwa It is unfortunate that the ordinary citizens bear the brunt of every bungling made in this country. The rampant corruption in this country is having a bearing on the poor citizens. Let us look at Zesa Holdings for instance. After wasting public funds in profligacy, they want to resort to hiking electricity tariffs. This hike will increase the ...

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Coltart’s Book a figment of his fictitious illusions

Story by Gwinyai Mutongi The book written by David Coltart titled, The Struggle Continues: 50 years of tyranny, is revealing itself to be a work of a spiteful politician who has failed to have his way in the jungle of politics. From the reviews so far published about the book, Coltart is surely seeking to denigrate his political nemesis by ...

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War time rebels will constitute ZPF war vets body

Opinion by John Sigauke Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader, Joice Mujuru urged youths during the weekend in her independence speech to shun the million men march being organized by the Zanu PF youths in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe. Mujuru is labouring under the delusion that the historic march is a product of coercion by President Mugabe. No, that million ...

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Manyadza speaks for himself

Story by Rufaro Mufundirwa The headline in the Dailynews issue of 13 April was quite misleading. If it were the 1st of April, it was going to be the first article to be identified as the traditional prank usually associated with the fool’s day. “War vets want Mugabe to go,” screamed the front page headline. Going through the whole story, ...

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Chris ‘Tatenda’ Martin serenades Harare

Story courtesy of Tendai Chihambakwe -ZimboJam Jamaican star, Chris Martin staged an energetic 135 minute long set that left Zimbabweans saturated with some sweet reggae melodies, at his debut show in the country on Friday, April 29. The venue was the chilly Glamis Arena and Chris who is now called Tatenda Martin (after the singer said he really liked the ...

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