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Zanu pf bootlickers or prodigal sons

President Mugabe has a lot of bootlickers. Some of them have even compared the nonagenarian leader to Jesus Christ! Webster Shamu even claimed that if he had the option to choose his parents he would have chosen to be Mugabe’s child! Interestingly most of these bootlickers happen to be ‘prodigal sons’ too! Before they became fierce defenders and beneficiaries of ...

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While ZIFA is booted out of World Cup for a measly $87k,

Footballers are known to be the all eyes on me when comes to exotic pimped cars but AC Milan and Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari has taken it to another level. On Tuesday the talented midfielder took a picture of himself next to his top of the range Mercedes Brabus G63 AMG 6×6 limited edition. Only 20-30 units are built each ...

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Re Mysterio dogged with death threats after freaky in-ring tragedy

The wrestling world was shaken to its core this past weekend after the death of Mexican wrestler, Perro Aguayo Jr – real name Pedro Aguayo Ramirez. The wrestler suffered cervical spine trauma after being whiplashed by the middle rope during a match involving former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio at a CRASH event in Tujuana. The official cause of death was later ...

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Sello “Chicco” Twala reflects on Senyaka death

Renowned SA artist and now film director/producer Sello “Chicco” Twala spoke to ZAlebs about Senyaka the artists and the actor. Just a few hours ago it was revealed that singer, Senyaka Kekana had passed on. ZAlebs managed to get a hold of his close friend and a man whom he worked closely with throughout his career, renowned singer turned movie ...

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Human compassion fades as electrocuted “Copper thief” pleads ignored

The Daily Mail reported that onlookers from Lynnville suburb of Witbank heard a blast at Botha substation in the north-west of Mpumalanga province late last week, but chose not to help a man who they saw climbing out of the substation with a burnt and smoking body. The unidentified young man who is accused of stealing copper wires, asked for help but to ...

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Why African Youth Should Participate in Politics

Africa is a unique continent with many positive indicators for growth and expansion, threateningly knocking on the doors of the Asian tigers to overrun them and become the next big phenomenon in the world .For Africans to realise this dream and not go another 100 years walking in potential, there are some fundamental issues that we have to ruthlessly deal ...

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I had the opportunity to be involved in a discussion with Obert Gutu and Jacob Mafume with regards their on-going battles and recalling of the Renewal MP’s. As you will hear in the audio, the MDC-T is perfectly within their legal right to recall the 21 MP’s that went in on their party ticket but have since left that party ...

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“I hope Zimbabweans are proud of me for this achievement..” Brian Soko

Zimbabwean Brian Soko, who has made a legend on the global music arena has provoked a debate on fellow countrymen’s support and acknowledgement of outstanding performance and talent. On receiving a Grammy award given to the song writers of Beyonce’s song, “Drunk in Love”, Soko humbly acknowledged family, team mates and opened profoundly and his hope Zimbabweans celebrate with him this milestone. ...

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“Please stop filming us shooting Black people”, LAPD appeals

POLICE in the United States have launched an appeal to the public to try and curb the amount of recordings of black people getting shot turning up online. The plea comes after a video was posted on YouTube showing LAPD officers struggling with a homeless man in broad daylight before shooting him to death. WARNING: The video you are about ...

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Online store rocks the arts industry

Story by Robert Mukondiwa: Local mobile devices brand and main rival to G-Tel Astro has launched an online platform that will market and sell Zimbabwean brand from music, merchandise books, applications and wallpaper online. The Astro Mobi store is basically a free, Android based local digital content store modeled around the Google Play and the Apple Store where third party ...

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