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Breast milk has 6 months life span

Annscaria Chigumira the deputy director of Nutrition services under the Ministry of Health and Child Care encouraged women to breastfeed their babies without an excuse for a minimum of six months.

She said this at a Parent Friendly Workplaces Seminar that was held today at the crown plaza hotel in Harare.

During the seminar she cited a lot of benefits to breast feeding.

Chugumira said, “The first 1000 days are the most critical in a baby’s life, this is where breastfeeding should be done to the maximum.”

“Breast milk can stay up to six months if frozen, seven days if refrigerated and three days if kept in a cool place.”

“A stable mind increases breast milk production. Stress dries up the breast and babies could starve.”

The seminar was running under the theme: “Supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding in the workplace.”

Some companies like Lafarge Cement, Cimas, UNICEF and Nestle had testimonials of them supporting breastfeeding women at their workplaces.

Albert Dube a school head at Chogodza Primary School also shared his experiences and how he has arranged breastfeeding timetables for the teachers and the staff so that their children may benefit.









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