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Brian Chekaz dies

Brian Machekanyanga popularly Brian Chekaz died yesterday at his home in Australia and family and friends are gathered at his father’s farm which is a few kilometers away from Peterhouse College along Mutare road.

It is believed to be a sudden death and not suicide. The Australian police are still investigating on what really caused his death. His brother Solomon said that the news about Chekaz’s death came as a surprise to him.

I was shocked when I received the news because I had spoken to him earlier asking for something. In fact, everyone was shocked including my brother’s wives who are both in the United Kingdom.

He was staying alone in Australia and was told by his friends that a lot of cash was discovered on the day he died and his car was parked outside his house. Clara who is one of my brother’s wives has flown to Australia to make the funeral arrangements, “he said.

Despite the bad publicity of the sex tape, Brian was said to be generous to his family and friends. He was a socialite and it is reported that he hosted a party for his family and friends a few months ago.


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