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Charlene Gail Taruwona

Smart Phones and Children Finale

While there are concerns about children owning and using smart phones, we cannot dismiss the benefits. I would like to believe that when children have access to smart phones at an early age they learn to use them correctly. This also can be a parent-child bonding tool if parental support is at its maximum. Your child may not necessarily have ...

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Human-Wildlife Conflict

This week I was in Hwange and had the privilege to attend a Legal Awareness Training on Wildlife Laws hosted by Painted Dogs and facilitated by Advocate Ever Vimbai Chinoda and counsels Shepherd Kudzanayi Makonde and Tapiwanashe Zvidzayi. The training was intended to serve as an entry point for organizations and individuals to better understand the complexity of the legal issue ...

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Smart Phones and Children Part III

What I have found more interesting about this subject is that most parents reaching out to me are more for their children having smart phones. True, technology has done a lot to make our lives easier and more efficient however, shouldn’t parents be worried about the negative impact smart phones could have on their children’s growth and development? Imafidon, Ashi and Arora ...

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Smart Phones and Children Part 1

Nowadays smart phones are as common as a vegetable garden at a homestead. They can do more than just calls but also surf the internet. Mobile phones now seem more like a right for every member of the family. However germane as they may be, many a times we have left our toddlers and children with these gadgets unattended without ...

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Preparing For Poor Academic Results From Your Child(ren)

On Saturday 8 September 2018 I was on Capitalk100.4fm Weekend Chart talking about how parents can prepare for poor academic results from their children. I decided to expand more on this as its now that time of the year again when children are sitting for their final examinations. Many parents/guardians during this time feel a lot of pressure as they ...

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