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Why African Youth Should Participate in Politics

Africa is a unique continent with many positive indicators for growth and expansion, threateningly knocking on the doors of the Asian tigers to overrun them and become the next big phenomenon in the world .For Africans to realise this dream and not go another 100 years walking in potential, there are some fundamental issues that we have to ruthlessly deal ...

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I had the opportunity to be involved in a discussion with Obert Gutu and Jacob Mafume with regards their on-going battles and recalling of the Renewal MP’s. As you will hear in the audio, the MDC-T is perfectly within their legal right to recall the 21 MP’s that went in on their party ticket but have since left that party ...

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Our Unity is Our Victory

As Zimbabweans we are at a critical point in our journey to development. We are the most divided we have ever been, along racial, tribal, class and partisan lines. As we stand divided we forget that we are vulnerable to multiple threats to our existence, food insecurity, inadequate water and energy and a health system that cannot meet even our ...

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