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Celebrating the girl child

The world celebrated the International day of the girl child, making the world a safer place and healthier place for the girl child so that they can achieve their full potential towards their role in the society under theme “with her, a skilled girl force.”

Tribute was paid today to all the girls around the world who have gone through difficulties and traumatic experiences, they have been abused, neglected and refused access to their rights and needs and wants.

This day brought awareness and solutions to the unique challenges that girls encounter around the globe every day, this day marks how equal a girl child has to be in all sectors of life developing skills and creating a motivational ground.

Recent reports suggest that more than 27% of children in Zimbabwe are not going to school, the major reason being the inability to pay for school fees and levies. Several organizations in the country celebrate this day by paying the fees for the children. Today Family Bonds Foundation was in Highfield Harare were the board members were able to talk to school going girls.

In an interview with the organisation director Charlene Gail   Taruwona, she urges societies to be sensitive towards the issues that affect the girl child especially the right to education.

“The right to education for a girl child must be crucially considered because the world we are living in right now needs not only the power of men to rule but women also, it is of greater importance that a girl must be supported equally to a boy.”

International day of girl child is set aside to deal with issues such as child marriages which are now very much practiced in Zimbabwe, different organizations commemorate this day leaving no girl child behind.



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