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Advocate Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa blasts politicians for campaigning in churches

Advocate Nelson Chamisa has revealed his disgust on politicians that have been taking the Easter holiday as a platform to campaign for the fourth coming elections in different churches.

In his Road to Victory dialogue (R2V) Chamisa has highlighted that he was deeply pained by some of my colleagues in the political industry who continue to belittle God and the role of the Church in our communities.

He alluded that these politicians have turned the church into platforms for rallies, in the process bastardizing the sanctity of the church.

The opposition leader has mentioned, “We saw hordes of politicians pontificating at church gatherings in the process desecrating the true meaning of Easter and the Church.”

Chamisa went on to say that, the new Zimbabwe that he envision will be characterized by a true and honest separation between the State and the church as he recognized himself as a firm believer in the autonomy and independence of the church which must as an institution continue to be the custodian of a country’s values and the true moral compass of a nation.

“The church must be a place of unity and peace. We have of late seen the church being reduced to a platform of hate and divisive language. The State or any political party for that matter must never be allowed to contaminate, weaken and compromise the church. Church capture must be vehemently resisted” said Chamisa.

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