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Chamisa demands an authentic dialogue

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-A) President Nelson Chamisa is in need of an inclusive, genuine and a credible dialogue in order to resolve economic crisis in the country.

In an interview with France 24 yesterday Chamisa said the crisis that Zimbabwe is facing can only be cured by democratic consolidation, reforms and meeting of minds which include all key stakeholders.

“We have said to Mr Mnangagwa we are ready any time ,any hour to dialogue on the issue because Zimbabweans are suffering .The economic situation is bad ,youth are unemployed they need jobs. We have medical situation out of control, there is no medicine, there are no drugs in the hospitals .People have no cash in their banks, the situation economically is not obtaining well in terms of the business people .So we need to cure this problem.”

He also said in every meaningful dialogue there should be an international observer and a credible independent media.

He concluded by saying that, Mnangagwa cannot play two roles at the same time, he is supposed to be part of the presidential candidates “We can’t have Mr Mnangagwa who is part of the problem, he can’t be a referee and a player at the same time.”

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