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Chamisa justifies himself to the ruling party.

MDC-A President Nelson Chamisa on Friday clarified what the MDC meant when it coined the statement Kudira Jecha.

The statement which has long been mis-interpreted by ZANU Pf supporters as meaning to disrupt and disturb every government process of rebuilding the country.

Chamisa said “The Jecha term got misunderstood by our opposite number, remember we said it in the context of our Constitutional Court ( Concourt) challenge to delay the ED inauguration. Indeed we delayed it!”

In a an interview with France24, President Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared saying the opposition has lined up a series of violent demonstrations to fulfil its policy of ‘putting sand in the sadza’.

Chamisa amplified his call for a real National Dialogue in the country.

In Zimbabwe we should invite a new conversation, new discourse in politics, economics and a whole new paradigm. A shift from the zero-sum blame and shame game to a win for us all. God give us authentic men and women whose walk matches their talk at every level.”

Commenting on Mnangagwa’s current Dialogue process he said, “I love mathematics better than politics. Figures and statistics don’t lie. Eighteen zeros plus one zero give us one big zero. Mathematics hardly lies! The national dialogue, Yes. National deception, No. We know the games and tricks. We are not takers to such”.

“We are really going through a hard time not as individuals but together, with enough unity and sufficient wisdom, God willing we shall overcome sooner”, he said.

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