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Chamisa humbled by Mugabe’s backup

Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa said he is humbled by Former President’s Robert Mugabe’s backup before and during July 2018 Harmonised elections.

Addressing Party supporters at a ‘Thank You Rally’ on Saturday in Mutare Chamisa said he is humbled that Mugabe had publicly announced that he will vote for him.

“I am humbled that Mr Mugabe went publicly and said he will vote for me. It’s an endorsement say the history is saying we are passing the baton to the future and l receive that baton.

“Some of you don’t see that he left his rotten party, saying he is now following a party lead by a young leader. It shows the capacity is given in that party. Please don’t take it as a problem,” he said.

Chamisa also said he is not seeing President Robert voting for anyone except him only.

“In the history of this country, l don’t think President Mugabe will vote for anyone serving for me. Then you hear some people saying lm being supported by Robert Mugabe. Leaders don’t choose supporters, supporters do choose leaders!” Chamisa said.

“We need to consider his views because each and every person knows where he made a mistake in life. He should reflect so that when we lead we don’t repeat the same mistakes .l have to hear from him .That is the focus we are taking as a party,” said Chamisa. 

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