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Chamisa rejects Mnangagwa’s invitation for dialogue

MDC President Nelson Chamisa has rejected Mnangagwa’s invitation of all Presidential candidates who participated in the July 2018 elections to discuss a framework for post-election dialogue.

Writing on social media, Chamisa says he wants proper dialogue under a mediator not games and he is also demanding end to harassment of MDC officials.

“It’s a rally. He wants a dialogue in a room that will have over a hundred people, most of them his proxies.”

“Our supports have been arbitrarily detained on trumped –up charges and the MDC is essentially banned as a political organization .They (the government) are using the emergency rules .Some of our MPs and officials have been released by the courts and immediately re- arrested at the prison gate, some beaten to die later.”

“We must create an environment for talking .Half of the party’s leadership is in hiding. The army is in every suburb, the army is out of the barracks .Under those conditions you can’t just summon people .There arbiter –you’re the chairman when you are the man protagonist, the one killing, the one arresting people.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has invited leaders of political parties to discuss the framework for post-election dialogue which will be held tomorrow at 10 00hours in the new Munhumutapa 2nd floor Boardroom.

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