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Chaos At ZANU PF Stronghold After Primaries

Since 1980 Mberengwa District has been one of the strongholds of the ruling party ZANU PF and it enshrines four parliamentary constituencies.

For the past years ZANU PF has always been a stronghold in those constituencies.

However, the recently held 2018 primary elections has left the electorate shell shocked and despondent due to their shambolic nature.

Primary elections which were expected to be the mark of internal democracy has exhibited the opposite since the elections have been alleged to be riddled with manipulation,vote buying, rigging and missing names of some of the powerful and popular candidates.

The winners of Mberengwa for the aspiring Memebers of Parliament seats are viewed as “unpopular” and have left people questioning whether their loyalty to the party is worth it.

Mberengwa west, Joram Gumbo is popular in his constituency while the other three winners Raidza( east) Tafana Zhou (north) and Allum Mpofu (south) are very unpopular and some of them have not been seen at the party’s functions or inter-district meetings except at the time of elections.

This has left many ZANU PF supporters including war veterans, youths, women’s league and other memebrs of the party wondering what had happened.

The party’s supporters in Mberegwa allege that these aspiring candidates might have been imposed on them.

Some claim they will not vote for them to represent them in parliament but they would only vote for the president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In Mberengwa south,  a man who is viewed as ‘unpopular’ Allum Mpofu was recently presented to ZANU PF supporters as the candidate for the coming election.

Mpofu is said to have had a shave with Collen Shirichena , Twoboy Shoko and others.

In Mberengwa North, the unpopular  Tafanana Zhou who is accused of rigging the elections where people expected popular carders such as Tinashe Shumba to win.

In Mberegwa east, ZANU PF supporters expected a close battle amongst Elisher Moyo, Belam Hove and Godwill Shiri as these are long serving ZANU PF members but the elections were won by a Namibian based person called Raidza.

It is also believed that in the same constituency, some of the stronghold’s popular contestants had their names missing on the ballot papers leading to the disappointment of voters.

ZimOnline News has received anonymous calls from Mberengwa crying out for an election re-run and hoping that their voices will be heard by those responsible for the elections.

According to another caller, those bitter due to the outcome of the elections might consider a ‘Bhora Musango’ approach to express their concerns.


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