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Chihuri Gunfire Cop Trial Date Set

The trial date for the police officer who exchanged heavy gunfire with former Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri’s aides in December last year has been set.

Hardlife Maukazuva is expected to appear at Harare Magistrates Court on February 28 for trial.

Maukazuva, 27, initially appeared before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwaga charged with unlawful entry, attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

It is the State’s case that on December 6 last year, around 6am, Maukazuva reported for guard duties at Chihuri’s Greenstone Park residence.

Maukazuva took over duty from Constables Mabasa and Gwatiringa. He also took over an AK rifle with a magazine of 30 rounds among other things.

The State alleges Maukazuva then forced open a closed window to gain entry into the house. While inside the house he allegedly stole a Samsung LED 32-inch television plasma set, HP satchel bag, Tuxan shoe polish, Kasper green ladies’ jacket, Emirates shoes, black high fashion ladies’ top, green ladies’ suit and silver coat hangers and went through the same window.
It is alleged as Maukazuva was escaping, he was seen by a gardener, Robson Mubaiwa, who tried to raise alarm with neighbours so that he could get assistance to apprehend him.

But the gardener was outpaced by Maukazuva, who hid the stolen property in a flower bed.

Later, Mubaiwa confronted Maukazuva pertaining to the stolen property from Chihuri’s house, but he denied.

It is alleged Mubaiwa insisted that Maukazuva return the goods he had stolen and he eventually admitted and led Mubaiwa to the recovery of the goods.

The State further alleges that at around 7am, Constable Jekemu who was also deployed together with Maukazuva reported for duty and he tried to disarm and arrest him.

Maukazuva allegedly became violent and struck Jekemu on the back using his service AK rifle.

It was reported that Maukazuva then went inside Chihuri’s house and set it on fire, burning several household goods and clothes causing extensive damage to the building.

When the house was burning, Maukazuva allegedly stood guard at the veranda to ensure that no one came to put out then fire.

When Maukazuva, noticed Jekemu and Mubaiwa approaching the gate, he allegedly opened fire towards them but missed them.

Jekemu reported the matter to his superiors at Morris deports and they swiftly came to the scene.

It is also alleged that when the reinforcement team arrived, Maukazuva again fired towards them but he missed.

Maukazuva continued firing towards the team that had been sent to attend to the incident.

It is alleged he also tried to commit suicide using the same riffle but only to discover that he had run out of ammunition and that is the time he got arrested.

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