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‘Chilspot not milking Enzo’ Fantan hits back

Chilspot Records Manager DJ Fantan whose real name is Arnold Kamudyairwa dismisses allegations that the crew is milking too much from the man of the moment Enzo Ishall.

In an interview with ZiFM Stereo today, DJ Fantan calls the accusation a ‘joke ting’ and said he is not sure where one of the state paper ‘Herald’ got the story from.

He also says Enzo himself has not mentioned about it yet meaning they are all just rumours.

 “It’s a joke thing and I don’t know where Herald got that story. Maybe there is someone who wants to pull down Chilspot. As far as l know if artist haven’t said anything, that means it’s a false story or they are just rumours. It could be better if the artist himself has talked about it but now we cannot be answerable. We are in good books with our artists and he is happy too, he said.

He also says that in spite of the fact that Chilspot has been working with Enzo since 2014, he has really started blowing up in the last six months which is when he started making money.

“We started working with Enzol since 2014,he was not popular by that time.Enzol Ishall is more like six months old even though he started singing in 2012.I just pray these people will not fool him”, Fantan said.

Three days ago Herald had written that Enzo Ishall is struggling financially as his music labelled Chilspot Records is taking most of his earnings.


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