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Chiwenga’s health raises conflict

Zimbabweans living in South Africa ratcheted up pressure on South African government yesterday to depot Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga who was reportedly admitted to Cape Town hospital after he fell sick last week.

The protesters were at Groote Schuur Hospital demanding Chiwenga to go back to Zimbabwe, seek medical treatment at the country’s health institutions with a demoralised and ill equipped medical staff.

Diasporans spent the whole day outside the Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, holding placards which reads Chiwenga go back home, Chiwenga stop killing Zimbabweans and also replicas of the Zimbabwean flag, protesting against Chiwenga’s in the country.

In addition to, protesters message was that government leaders should not get access to quality healthcare outside Zimbabwe, whilst the majority of citizens are forced to seek treatment at poorly equipped hospitals.

In a statement South Africa’s Department of Health spokesperson Alaric Jacobs, in Western Cape yesterday confirmed the protests but denied reports that Chiwenga was admitted at the health institution.

“The department of Health is aware that a group of Zimbabwean citizens have gathered at Groote Schuur Hospital to protest against the alleged treatment of Zimbabwean Vice-President Costantino Chiwenga at our health facility. In honour of our commitment of patient confidentiality, we cannot discuss patient details, however, we can confirm that he was not or currently is an inpatient at the hospital.”

Iphithule Maphosa, ZAPU spokesperson said Chiwenga must come back to Zimbabwe so that he uses the facilities he and his government have neglected and allowed to run down since 1980.

However Information Minister Monica Mutsvagwa yesterday said she was not aware of Chiwenga’s alleged hospitalisation in South Africa.

The Vice President and his wife have been showing signs of illness, with visibly swollen hands and discoloured skin patches, a condition he attributed to poisoning.



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