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‘City rover’ in a romantic thriller again

Prominent  journalist and Mutare City Rovers spokesperson  Clayton Masekesa who was once allegedly  caught having quality time with a married woman has landed  himself  to play a leading role (main actor) in a romantic thriller called ‘The Perfect Replacement’ to be shot in Nyanga ,Vumba and South Africa.

He shared on his facebook page on Tuesday and went on to narrate the upcoming movie and his part will be to breed another new chapter of love in a young and beautiful widow’s life after her love life was devoid of love and intimacy.Jane (played by Cynthia Jackson from  Jamaica) is said to discover the intimate and gratifying affair  with Lewis(played by Clayton Masekesa) that she had never experienced before, with her late millionaire husband Jack Stephenson (played by Paul Heinz).

“Forget about the kissing,cuddling and sex scenes in the movie. Ngezve mufirimu.” Clayton wrote on his page. Masekesa who was once allegedly caught having quality time with a married woman and was assaulted by six men. The attack included handcuffing, assault, smearing mud on him to inflict pain, humiliation and the video went viral on social media.In appears that, him qualifying the role of Lewis in the movie shows how good he is with unsatisfied wives.

Clayton went on to show his excitement and shared a picture of” his mistress” Jane who she claims is already in Mutare for familiarisation tour of some scenes before the final shooting.

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