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Under pressure Police boss rumoured to have resigned

City Sports ZimDancehall fiasco: ZRP responds

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has issued a formal press release with respect to the riot situation that erupted on Saturday at the City Sport arena where it was alleged were fatalities. In accounts collaborated by the police release, some names that were claimed of social media to have died on the event during the stampede, turned out in utter disgust as they were not in attendance.

ZRP Press release

ZRP Official Press Statement

A copy of the police statement (attached) has the good word the police are investigating the origin of the first teargas canister, suggesting it may not have been fired by the police. Should that be the case, the industry hooligans may as well have upgraded from can throwing to teargas canisters.

In the environment that appeared an all-out clash with Soul Jah Love’s fans bringing a real life coffin to the stage, could it be there was a realistic appetite among the ZimDancehall community to claim life in the frenzy of the stage chemistry?

The police have fallen slightly short of branding the genre “violent by association” at the warning to the artists to exude maturity as well refrain from agitating for violence. The warning came starkly addressed to the two famous artists, Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz.

The statement, penned by Chief Superintendent P. Nyathi on behalf of the Commissioner General of the ZRP firmly emphasised that any attempts to engage in violence by artists and/or fans will be dealt with firmly in accordance to the laws of the country.

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