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Controversial Andy Muridzo has done it again

Upcoming Afro-Jazz Andy Muridzo has done it again after a few months of being spotted with Bev, this time he has eloped for another woman.

This has come to the media attention after Andy Muridzo’s wife smashed his car after allegations that he has gone for another girlfriend who was identified as Nyarai. It is not his first time as he was he was in media previously for the grape vine had spread his extra marital affair with Bev the leader of the group Sexy Angels Dancers.

It is said that Andy has since moved out of his house that he shared with Mai Keketso his former wife and their two children. His wife was seen following him at his girlfriend’s place and begged him to return home.

Muridzo’s new Public Relations manager Nonhlnhla Murewa apologized for what had happened saying Mai Keketso was a bitter ex-wife tormenting Andy. She said that Muridzo’s ex-wife confronted his ex-husband in the company of thugs at his friend’s workplace and attacked him.

“She used stones to destroy the windscreen of his car claiming that he is having an affair with on the sponsors Nyarai Mukucha who has been sponsoring us. We strongly deny that he is having an affair with Nyarai,” she said.

Family sources said that the singer is now staying at Nyarai’s place.


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