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Controversial Zvorwadza speaks on vendors

National Vendors Union Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) proposes a 100 day period from the government to decongest the city, this was said in a press conference held today at Harare Town House.

The conference  was chaired by Sten  Zvorwadza  ,board chairperson  of  National Vendors  Union  Zimbabwe  claims that given  necessary  support 100 days are enough to see movement  in the  positive  direction of decongestion and hopes this will permanently  eradicate the incessant threat of medieval plagues like cholera and typhoid.

Zvorwadza who was a staunch critic of the ZANU PF -Mugabe era stance on vendors and anti-poverty but has since softened and re-joined ZANU PF said,

“The use of force as prescribed in the previous  confrontation between  the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Harare  Municipal Police and the vendors   has failed to achieve the desired  results ,it’s  time  to pursue  other  persuasive  and participatory strategies and   NAVUZ  strategy  proposes  a 100 day  period   to start  recording  fruits of its initiative .”

Speaking to the media, the City of Harare Corporate communications manager Michael Chideme said:

“City of Harare is happy to work with the National Vendors Union Zimbabwe and appreciating their cooperation as it avoids the ‘cat and mouse’ activity of the police the vendors in the CBD.”

NAVUZ  has partnered with a number of institutions  like  POSB,TelOne ,NetOne ,Nbs Bank  and City of Harare  to see this reality through. The partnership’s key objective and deliverable is to support Informal trading decongestion initiatives.

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