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Corrupt ZIBAWU targets Stanbic Bank

The once professional Zimbabwe Bank & Allied Workers Union had sunk deep into corruption, neglect of bankers’ legitimate plight and has the past three years incessantly targeting Stanbic Bank a member of Africa’s most successful chain banking network.

While other banks such as Strive Masiyiwa’s Steward Bank are keeping over 60% of its staff on rolling annual and monthly contracts, with some that protested the contracts in 2015 having been laid off with there severance packages still unsettled. The ZIBAWU has since given the giant organisation a clean bill, despite the workers openly intimidated from even signing up to union representation. On the other hand, the Union has repeatedly misrepresented every move Stanbic Bank does to portray a negative image of human capital policy.

A Steward Bank staff member who spoke to our reporter on condition she remains anonymous confirmed a chilly environment at Steward Bank, with some members of Staff terminated at any end of their monthly contract.

“While I have worked for the bank since 2014, I am on contract and can not access benefits like our colleagues in other institutions such as housing, car and developmental loans. Its not even conceivable to join the ZIBAWU union as I am on a rolling contract. We are being taken advantage of as the job market is hard at the moment,” said the Steward Bank staff.

Our team visited Stanbic Bank to enquire on the most serious of the allegation peddled by the Union, purportedly that the institution is forcing its female staff to buy sanitary wear for the toilets. ZIBAWU has for the last two years used the International Women’s Day to paint an anti-women image of the bank. Although the campaign hasn’t gained any traction other than the people who walk past, it has left the bank concerned at the Union’s intent.

Stanbic Bank opened up to a Community Service initiative by the ladies within their staff compliment, who volunteered in commemoration of International Women’s Day each year to mobilise a donation of sanitary wear for the underprivileged community. The bank then in gesture of appreciating the initiative, pledged to match the donation by the women staff.

To show how at length ZIBAWU are going to vilify Stanbic Bank, you will notice from their twitter handle and other social media that their protest on Stanbic and the publicity material in use are recycled. Instead of ethically representing banking industry workers, the union has since reduced itself to opportunistic, publicity stunt one man protest movement.


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