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My CV is alright. But Zimbabwe is not: Nkosana Moyo

Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA ) presidential candidate, Dr Nkosana Donald Moyo has said that he is not contesting in the fourth coming elections to enhance his Curricula Vitae (CV).

He posted these comments today on his twitter handle following comments from people who were accusing him for entering the presidential elections as someone looking forward to enhance his CV.

Moyo posted:

“My CV is alright. But Zimbabwe is not. At all.”

“My hope is for the Zimbabwean people to use me, the education I received as a boy from Mberengwa to the opportunities and experience I received when I was older all over I have been.”

“I want to help #Rehabilitate Zimbabwe with you.”

“Your vote is your own.”

“Put it where YOU think it needs to be in the best interests of your country.”

Dr Nkosana Moyo has a PhD (Physics), is a politician, an economist and former Zimbabwe Minister of Industry and International Trade.

He is known mostly for his sudden resignation from his Ministerial post in 2001, when he left to join his family in South Africa because he strongly disagreed with Zanu-PF policies.

The resignation resulted in President Robert Mugabe describing him as a “coward”.

On the 29th of June 2017, Dr Moyo announced that he would be running for President of Zimbabwe in 2018 harmonised elections and that he would run under Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA).

Moyo is the Founder and Executive Chair of Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) a continental institute based in South Africa. He has represented his organisation at various World Economic Forum conferences where he has spoken about African leadership and building resilient institutions.

Dr. Moyo is on the boards of several companies including Old Mutual.

Before founding MIND, Dr. Moyo was Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the African Development Bank from March 2009 to August 2011.

Moyo is also one of the 23 presidential candidates running the 2018 polls.

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