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Dendairy offering hardship allowance

With the economic instability that Zimbabwe is facing the pay, allowance or wages that are been received by many no longer means anything. The business sector is going down as the value of money especially the bond note is going day and the cost of living increase nearly every day.

The parallel market is increasing the rates nearly after every hour and basic commodities like fuel; bread and cooking oil are becoming scare every day. Some of the companies like Dendairy have seen the need to introduce an allowance known as the ‘Hardship Allowance’ so that their employees can survive these tough times.

The memo by Dendairy read: “Due to the current prevailing economic hardships in the country, the company will pay 10% “hardship allowance” on the basic salary to all Dendairy employees. However, once the economic improves, the allowance will fall away or be discontinued.”

“Let us all play ball and put our best foot forward in our work areas. We are optimistic the situation will be back to normalcy very soon”

Since the introduction of the new monetary policy there has been a lot of panic around the country as people are afraid to lose their hard earned money. Some retailers and shops have even resorted to charge their goods and services in the united states dollars(USD) yet some have even closed business.

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