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Dendera ace Sulu remanded for maintenance bill

Orchestra Dendera Kings frontman and heir to the legendary Chopper, Sulumani Chimbetu(35) today appeared before magistrate Amanda Muridzo at Rotten Row court after we was nabbed by the cops due to child maintenance arrears.

Visibly distraught Sulu pleaded not guilty to the charges of defaulting maintenance arrears for the two children he sired with former wife Marygold Mutemasango. The pair have been through the maintenance court countless times with the maintenance tab reviewed few times.

Magistrate Muridzo remanded Chimbetu to the 31st of January 2018 for trial on $50 bail

Prosecuting, Hatizivo Chatikobo alleges that Chimbetu failed to comply with a court order granted in December 2016 in which he was expected to pay $800 monthly maintenance for the two minors. His bill has been calculated at current to be $4,400.00.


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