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Doctors stage a protest

 Senior doctors are demonstrating today at Parirenyatwa Hospital over shortages of resources such as gloves.

The doctors say they need medicines and other sundries in order to make the operation conditions easy.

Doctors are holding placards which reads “ Please stop cancelling operation lists ,please give us gloves, the shortages are too much, needles, gloves we want to save lives, We love our patients, please give us painkillers,”

According to ZBC News Online, Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo will be meeting with senior doctors today in a view to map the way forward follow doctor’s threat to go on strike.

The doctors said they are not striking but they are frustrated with working conditions.

Last year doctors have been on strike demanding payment of salaries in United States dollars and other issues, say they will not work as the government is failing to meet their grievances.


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