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Domestic violence unbearable to men

Domestic violence is experienced by both men and women however, men are now more vulnerable than women emotionally and physically due to different claims and reasons.

Several organisations in Zimbabwe are conducting domestic violence campaigns so as to ensure a decrease in the violence in communities. Family bonds foundation will be commemorating the international men’s day in line with advocating women to stop domestic violence to men as men were seeing as the perpetrators for domestic violence.

Zimbabwe Gender Commission in the previous years recorded a spike in cases where men were victims of domestic violence from their female partners .most women who are imprisoned especially this year are being accused of domestic violence being pushed by maintenance claiming and land disputes .

Other reports suggest that men are suffering the most as many gender based organization are helping women at most as a result when they report their cases they are not taken seriously thereby increasing the pain of being abused emotionally and physically .A lot needs to be considered when dealing with domestic violence so as to ensure gender equality.

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