In her maiden star rally in the province Dr Mujuru proved to be a very popular draw card on the 23rd of July 2016 as she arrived to a tumultuous carnival atmosphere at the packed to the brim Rudhaka Stadium.

The Zimbabwe People First President who is a former top commander during the war and also the widow of Liberation War commander and founder commander of the Zimbabwe National Army the late General Solomon Mujuru aka Rex Nhongo who hails from the province received a befitting welcome by members of the public, chiefs, fellow war veterans and members of the business community proving her popularity cuts right across the fabric of Zimbabwe society regardless of social status, background etc.

As she arrived her adopted theme song Tinoyenda Navo was belting from a large concert style PA system as she received a standing ovation amidst clapping, ululation and whistling as she proceeded to the podium. In a packed programme which included invited leaders from smaller opposition groups her trade mark reach out to everyone, she eventually took to the podium in the late afternoon. As she took the microphone to shout out her Vavaki slogan she was literally drowned by cries of mother mother.

When the excited crowd eventually calmed and quietened she delivered her address touching on the national crisis and need for government to acknowledge it had failed. She lamented the legacy for the youth who are struggling in a deteriorating economic environment where production has plummeted and the little that is there produces very expensive goods due to high input costs caused by high import tariffs as government is desperate for revenue.  She also dwelt on need to consult the public before imposing shocking policy measures such as the ban on consumer goods imports that most people were now surviving on as there are no jobs. She said people must of necessity be consulted on matters that directly and indirectly affect their livelihoods. She went on to detail why government is failing to pay civil servants because of bad economic policies that affected industry and commerce resulting in company shut downs and a shrinking of revenue collection base as corporate tax and other taxes like VAT that companies in full production would generate have deteriorated. She said these policies were directly responsible for government failure to pay civil servants as government was spending more than it was collecting. These are some of the reasons we were detested in Zanu PF for pointing out the policy weaknesses affecting the economy. She said these problems can only get worse under the Mugabe government and they must admit failure and allow a new government to come in and fix the mess through free and fair elections, which she was sure her party would win.

Dr Mujuru had the crowd reeling with laughter as she described how in Zimbabwe culture when you are old you are elevated to the realm of the spirit world and really should not be occupying a position where you end up in confrontation with your grandchildren. In a clear dig on President Mugabe she said “unenge watove mudzimu”, this drew a huge sustained laughter and applause from the crowd. Dr Mujuru emphasized that the country must work to give the youth a legacy of sustainable development and certainty not uncertainty as is happening under Zanu PF. She said things like allocating stands at rallies were manifestly illegal and unsustainable which meant they were being used to abuse the youth to continue to indulge in Zanu PF intimidation and power retention schemes, when they do not even have money for food let alone money to build houses. Dr Mujuru urged Zimbabweans to embrace the honest truth about Zanu PF and President Mugabe failures.

The meeting was also attended by party national leadership of the youth, women and main wing, The provincial chairperson of Bulawayo also addressed the crowd thanking them for seeing the light Bulawayans had long seen, she said Zanu PF has no chance in Bulawayo to thundering applause from the crowd.

Right Munyaradzi Banda aka General Banda had earlier on addressed the issue of Zanu PF intimidation and efforts to subvert the People First Rally, reports had said Zanu PF youth had gone on night vigil singing and marching around Marondera denouncing Dr Mujuru and her party in an attempt to minimise attendance. General Banda called on the party faithful not to succumb to Zanu PF old tactics of intimidation and instilling fear calling out one Katsiru, the culprit who apparently led the terror campaign.

The rally ended on a high note with crowds singing and celebrating a very successful inaugural provincial star rally.


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