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Drunk driver crashes into a boarding house

A Gweru commuter omnibus driver has driven into a boarding house in the Nehosho suburb in the early hours of the day. The driver is said to have been driving under the influence of alcohol.

Students at the boarding house woke up to the shock of seeing that the house was in shambles at the back of their house. The driver drove through the fence and proceeded to hit the war.

Speaking to Victor one of the students from the affected house he highlighted that the drive must have been drunk.

“It was just after midnight that we heard a disturbing shacking sound. I woke up to realize that the back of the house had been knocked down.”

“The bathroom and backdoor entrance to the house have been destroyed luckily there was no one in the bathroom since it was just after midnight. We are so thankful to God because none of us was directly involved in the accident all of us we sleeping in our rooms.

In Gweru a lot of commuter omnibus drivers that move around this our usually will be drunk and tired and there are very prone to such accidents for this one it was fortunate that no one serious injured and no deaths were recorded.

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