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ED in denial of the situation on the ground

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has denied  allegations of people’s killings and rape by the army despite numeral footages circulating on social media of victims on first hand account ,President Mnangagwa remain defiant.

In an interview with France 24 in Adis Ababa, Mnangagwa said there was no evidence of killed and raped people, they are only allegations.

“With regard to the allegations of rape, we have print media, radio and television appealed to those victims to come forward report to the nearest police station, if you are not comfortable to go to the police station you go to the nearest church and report the abuse. We have only one single case that came up in Chitungwiza, we now know that the women who were paraded was just a make up by some organisations”

“With regard to judicial killings, we see all these in social media but we would want to see evidence where the 17 people were killed, where were they buried. Let us have relatives who will say l lost a son, a daughter, a cousin and a relative in the hands of the army.”

Mnangagwa also said the protest was well planned by local NGO’s who are wealth funded and also the opposition party MDC Alliance whose theme was “ Kudira jecha musadza” which is to put sand into the food if they will not win the July 30 elections .

Mnangagwa also denied claims that he accused the Western countries in the involvement of the protests.

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