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EFF supporters call people to vote for Malema tomorrow

Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) supporters are encouraging people to vote for EFF party tomorrow so that the Son of Soil (Julius Malema) can be the President of South Africa.

According to their social media platforms they said people must vote for EFF because it is the only party with a programme of action.

“Iam voting EFF because 25 years later, interventions for dealing with violence against women have been superficial, half-hearted and based on the wrong understanding of the root causes for the vulnerability of women,”

“I choose to vote EFF because Africans continue to be the economic minority, living under difficult conditions, begging for participation in and benefit from what is a white owned economy linked to the global capitalist system,”

“I choose EFF because we want justice now, we want our land now, we want jobs now and we demand the economy Now,”

Botswana politician Dumani Dukes Kelepi also urges South Africans to vote for the Son of the Soil.

“I wish everybody lucky tomorrow, vote for EFF because EFF talks about light for all South Africans, so vote for Julius Malema so that he becomes the President of South Africa .I thank you!

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