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Elizabeth unveils Tsvangirai’s last days life

Elizabeth Macheka the wife (widow) of the late founding leader of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirai revealed the goodness of her husband and his last days life in hospital.

Speaking at Tsvangirai’s Memorial Lecture yesterday in Harare, Macheka said Tsvangirai was a hero,brave,cool,courageous and a patient man that at times you would wonder whether he was angry or not.

“We went to the doctor and all the tests were done .We then wait for the results for about two hours and l could see that he was not well, but he put on a brave face insisted that he was fine,

“After two hours a Zimbabwean white doctor came saying I don’t have good news for you. He looked at Tsvangirai and then looked at me not knowing where to start. By that time l was shaking and l could see that he was trying to console me,

“We were given results and the doctor was already crying, saying we have less than 24hrs to go for the operation because cancer has spread to other parts of the body,

“Instead of him being worried, he was busy consoling me and the doctor .That’s how strong Tsvangirai was.”

Elizabeth Macheka is a wife to the late MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai. She is a Zimbabwean politician, businesswoman and a daughter of a ZANU-PF member Joseph Macheka.

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