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Fight Breast Cancer and save lives

October is regarded as breast cancer awareness month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organizations to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness, education and research.

Breast cancer is a type of disease that forms in the cells of the breast. Breast is usually associated with women, approximately 80% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have it detected in the early stages of the disease it is however possible for men to be diagnosed breast cancer therefore men are urged to go for screening.

Breast cancer is on the increase in Zimbabwe whereas from a 2016 report 1 in 8 women is developing breast cancer and this proves that there is need to lead a way to revolutionary changes in treatment to give to those who have cancer .

The most common type of cancer in Zimbabwe is cervical cancer followed by breast cancer all these are silent killers, Cancer Association of Zimbabwe has continued to grow in providing cancer support, services and cancer awareness programs that are for prevention and early diagnosis also there is counseling which is a process that is instrumental in the development of skills that help patients and their families. The association is therefore offering free breast cancer screening services until the 31st of this month.

Although cancer is a disease which induces fear, women and men is recommended to have regular checkups for their breast for lumps which is a good way to detect breast cancer.


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