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Floods batter Harare’s forgotten streets

Heavy rains that swept through the country as the seasons turned have brought a brutal force in the capital which didn’t spare misery to all within its paths. The city officially recorded a flood today, with many cars, market stalks and low level businesses left drenched not only it heavenly wet substances but the rot that the forgotten sewer system could not hold back.

With the colonial times built sewer system that the city fathers over the last decade cared less to at the very least maintain, coupled with rampant uncollected litter, the dangers of cholera and bacteria related illnesses return today become a grim horror return.

Judging from the expensive lifestyles of top government officials, ministers and parliamentary representative, one can not go without asking the shift of priorities between such life and death services against cushy remuneration packages of those powerful enough to control the resources.

There has been a historical justification of sanctions, opposition system destabilisation, but could this not be a clear wall spelling of fatal incompetence of government.

With the ruling party high on its heels to the annual Congress themes “Accelerating Implementation of ZimAssets”, is Zimbabwe in a correct development path when basic services as sewage management and litter collection and processing are no man’s responsibilities.

An unnamed health services professional fell short of advising the population from avoiding drinking tap-water for a foreseeable future.

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