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Former Zimra boss Gershem Pasi fails to afford state bail.

Gershem Pasi yesterday pleaded with the court that he could not afford to pay the $5000 bail which had been proposed by the prosecution .

He also claimed that he could not surrender his tittle deeds as part of the bail condition for a house worth $200 000 because his two houses were bonded on a mortgage to CBZ Bank.

The bail conditions were then relaxed to $2 000 and surety in the form of a property worth $150 000.He was asked to stay at his given address,to report at Borrowdale Police Station twice a week and not to interfere with state witness.

Pasi is facing charges of criminal abuse of office after  he allegedly inflated the cost on an Invoice Management System for the tax collector from US$11,8 million to US$32,6 million.

He allegedly subcontracted a local company to provide information,communications  technology equipment from China despite a directive from the government which they should deal with the suppliers directly without going through a middleman.

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