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Freelance Journalist dragged to court

A Harare woman has hauled her freelance ex-husband to Harare Civil Court for not up keeping his duty of paying maintenance for their 3 children.

Yvonne Murungweni claims her ex-husband Joseph Andres is not meeting his children necessities and she demanded $200 for the children’s upkeep.

Joseph Andres denied the allegations saying he was involved in his children’s lives and was responsible for his children’s medical expenses

“I’m always in contact with my children, I take responsible for their medical expenses even my youngest child knows I’m his father,”said Andres.

Andres said he cannot afford the amount his estranged wife was demanding for the upkeep of the children because he is a freelance journalist and sometimes get $300 per month.

“Your Honor I am freelance journalist I only get $300 per month and I also pay school fees for my children and also meet their needs, ”said Andres.

Murungweni denied statements from Andre that he was paying school fees for their children, she was taking responsibility for their children.

Presiding Magistrate Sheila Nazombe ordered Andres to pay $150 for his children’s upkeep.

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