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Fuel shortages at desperate stage

Fuel situation has become so desperate in the country with people left stranded on service stations as they increasingly spend more time waiting for fuel, however the government is claiming that there is enough fuel in the country.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development Joram Gumbo said that the queues that are found on fuel service stations are evidence that indeed there is enough fuel of which his explanation is contrary to the situation.

All comes after government authorities announced that they have released an emergency $60 million for procurement of fuel, however there are claims that the government is struggling to pay for supplies due to the prevailing shortages of foreign currency in the country and it has arrears on its payment and so suppliers are refusing to release the fuel until it has settled what it owes.

Meanwhile  deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Energy Mutodi  said that fuel supplies has been affected by some delays in the shortage of foreign currency in recent days and the Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe are working on it.


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