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Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave to release a single “Kumusoro”

Afro-Contemporary Gospel musician Fungisiai Zvakavapano Mashavave is releasing a new music single “Kumusoro” on the 12th of October.

She said the song is inspired by the Lord’s Prayer and is a motivational sermon which encourages people to trust in God during bleak situations and look to Him only as he is the provider of everything.

“I realized that young people are abusing drugs and to them it is normal, it has actually become the order of the day in our suburbs and the single ‘Kumusoro’ brings hope to those abusing drugs

“The song has two videos, a club version and a family version. One features children from the community and the other features members of the ‘Church-persons Club’, a youth club made up of my fans,” she said.

Fungisai also said she believes that it is possible for children and the youth to maximize on fun without having to rely on substance abuse which harms their health and destroys their future.

Her music career started in 2000 when she met a veteran gospel singer Elias Musakwa and became one of his backing vocalists. Fungisai also featured in the Zimbabwean movie “Chinhoyi Seven.” She also launched an organization called Women Development Trust which assists talented girls who want to make it in the music industry.



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