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Global system not a fairground

Rueben Gwatidzo has blasted the global system especially the United Nations for been an unfair ground to all nations. His whole notion was on the fact that countries that are concentrated in the developing countries are put under the same house with those in developed countries.

He said all this today during a Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum that was held today at rainbow towers. Gwatidzo was speaking on the issue of internet governance.

“Unless we build our governance on fame ground, we won’t have governance. We want internet that is there to improve the life system of the people.”

The ZIGF 2018 was focusing on four topics which are: Cybercrime and cyber security; Cost and Access to internet: Data Economy; privacy and data protection. The conference was running under the theme: “The internet we want.”

ZIGF was launched by the Secretary for information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Dr Eng S Kundishora.

ZIGF is a multi a stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issue of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe. It brings together all stakeholders in the internet governance debate, those representing government, the private sector, civil society, technical community and the academic community on equal basis and through an open and inclusive process.

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