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Government speaks on price hikes

Following the chaos that is happening in the country the government seems to be confused on the main reasons of the price hikes. Different reactions by local retailers have even made some to close due to the instability.

Yesterday the Vice President Kembo Mohadi released a statement were he advised all those who are selling basic commodities to reduce their prices and avoid unnecessary price hiking. He ordered ministers to deal with all those will continue with increasing prices of all basic commodities.

The Ministry of information, Publicity and broadcasting also posted on their twitter that:

“Government recognises & identifies with the suffering of the people due to unjustified rise in the cost of living. Sensible & effective interventions will be taken to mitigate against any hardships that is suffered as a result of greed & bad politics. We are all together in this.”

In the same light the deputy minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Energy Mutodi also urged the media sector to use the usual price of a dollar per copy.

“NEWSPAPER PRICES TO REMAIN AT $1: Following a government directive for unscrupulous businessmen to stop hiking prices, I am urging all newspapers to stop flying along the wind & keep their prices @ $1. The media industry shall never be subject to speculative behaviour under our watch.”

This came after newspapers like the NewsDay, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent had doubled their prices.

“Alpha Media Holdings has doubled the cover prices of its three newspapers. NewsDay will now cost $2, The Standard $2, and Zimbabwe Independent $4. Newspaper sales were already falling before this price hike. Trouble for media industry as well in this economy”

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