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Government promises tractors to farmers

Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Douglas Karoro has promised and assured young farmers that the country is importing 1 500 tractors so as to prepare for early land preparation without any hustles.

In his speech Hon.Karoro assured the young farmers that the Government had bought tractors to assist farmers with early land preparation without any jumbles on their way and to also increase levels of production. Karoro said lack of tractors was delaying land preparation.

“We are expecting the first batch of about 1500 tractors that are coming into the country to arrive in a few weeks time. Those tractors are coming with implements plows, ”said Karoro.

Karoro said the beneficiaries would be farmers who are registered with Agribank and have the capacity to take a loan. Karoro said without tractors there would be less production.

“We expect our production to go up. The expected beneficiaries of the tractors are all farmers who have the capacity to pay the loan because it’s a loan and we are distributing these tractors via Agribank.Those interested will have to open accounts with Agribank so that they are considered as beneficiaries.”

Hon Karoro called upon farmers to concentrate on one career than focus on different careers it would lead to poor production. Full time farmers make it easy at their workplaces and do increase production in the farming sector.

We want to bring this idea that you have to be on the farm .The idea is that we want to increase production.

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