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Government removes import duty on sanitary pads

Government has scrapped off import duty on sanitary pads a step to be welcomed by women as the prices of basic toiletries are now beyond the reach of many.

“The Minister of Finance and Economic Development Prof Mthuli Ncube yesterday mentioned the removal of duty on sanitary pads in the 2019 budget statement  at a pre-budget seminar in  Bulawayo and considered the move as a done deal issue without reverse .

The cost of sanitary and removing duty on it consider it done, we will have something on the budget on this issue of sanitary pads there are no debates” said Prof Ncube.

Gender activist and organisations responsible for the health of women are applauding the move taken by the government as they attest insist that if the imported raw material component of sanitary ware is duty free then pads can be manufactured cheaply in Zimbabwe .

The health and future of young women is not in the price of bread but it’s in the price of menstrual products and periods are not luxuries,” reads Sanitary Aid Zimbabwe tweet.

Health organisations further confirmed that if duty is scratched it becomes easier for donors to distribute sanitary pads in schools and hospitals.



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