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gulf complex

Gulf complex burns

A Harare shopping mall found opposite market popular know as Gulf complex caught fire yesterday after hours. The fire was then extinguished by the fire brigade.

The complex is popular known for cheap staff which includes televisions, cellphones, radios, clothes, musical instruments to mention just but a few.

In an interview with one of the shop owners whose shop was also affected he mentioned that he was shocked as he heard the mall was on fire.

“I thought of the electrical gadgets that were in the shop the moment I was called to be informed that the Mall was on fire. This morning when I entered my shop I found out that some of my electrical appliances had melted. Nothing was burnt but only the heat caused the melting on those electrical gadgets.”

The police was actually blocking people from reaching anyway near the premises so that they can carry there investigations without any disturbances.

The incident records the fourth fire to have erupted in the country. Last month the Kadoma Edgars and Jet branch were in fire, the Glenview home industry was also involved in a fire incident and also in Mbare there was commercial place that was recorded to have caught fire this season.

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